Mobage and Ngmoco Reveal New RPG, SkyFall, and Other Upcoming Android Titles

Mobage and Ngmoco Reveal New RPG, SkyFall, and Other Upcoming Android Titles

Nov 8, 2011

Mobile publisher ngmoco:), a subsidiary of Mobage, has been known primarily on Android for games like We Rule and the Touch Pets series. Now they’re about to launch a free to play game that will more resemble a ‘traditional’ game than most of their releases. This new game is SkyFall, not to be confused with the new James Bond movie. Designed from the ground up for mobile, this game promises to be a deep experience unlike those seen previously on the platform. Applications to be part of a beta test are available from the SkyFall website.

The game will interestingly be coming on Android first. This is because of the underlying technology, in part: their “ngcore” technology is currently only in use on Android. As well, with being built on Mobage’s platform, the game will work best on Android originally. Mobage games use a currency called Mobacoins that are not specific to any one game, so users can buy the currency in any Mobage game and then spend them wherever they see fit. Any iOS versions of Mobage games will be required to work with a single in-game currency, as apparently cross-game currencies are not allowed on iOS, according to ngmoco’s Neil Young. It’s why Mobage games haven’t yet launched on iOS, and why a game like Skyfall will launch first on Android. Market share is also a chief concern, as there are more Android phones than iOS devices at this time.

This is just part of a larger Mobage push in the US for Android; they have acquired the rights to other titles to publish on Android, such as the wildly popular iOS social game Tiny Tower. As well, Maple Story, Fragger, and a game based on the Monster Rancher franchise are on the way, along with another original title: Dragon Craft. These titles will be coming in the next few months.

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