Mobbles Introduces an Exclusive Creature for E3 2012: Cuby

Mobbles Introduces an Exclusive Creature for E3 2012: Cuby

Jun 5, 2012

Mobbles, the game that uses geolocation to let players track and capture cute creatures based in the world around them, has a special creature in honor of E3 for convention-goers.

Those at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which is hosting E3, can load up Mobbles and get an exclusive creature: Cuby. He’s an interesting Tron-esque fellow with a cubed head, and the ability to transform into an arcade machine. Do not attempt to put quarters in Cuby.

Cuby can be acquired by downloading either the iOS or Android version of Mobbles, and opening up the Mobbles Radar. Cuby should then show up, and he can be fed, played with, and raised like every other Mobble. Those who get Cuby should be careful, because Mobbles can potentially die, and who wants to lose Cuby? It’s on your guilty conscience if you screw this up, E3 attendees. Hurry up, because he’s only available through the 7th.

Carter Dotson
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