Mystic Castle now released on Google Play

Locojoy has now released an Android version of its text-based RPG title Mystic Castle to Google Play, available from May 19th for free. Originally released with iOS compatibility only back in March this year, the game is now available for one week only on the App Store for free (20th – 27th May).

Taking on the role of alchemist, you will find yourself in a creepy dungeon that you must navigate, fighting strange creatures and ensuring you have the resources to destroy entire strongholds. The main aim of the game is to build your own underground city whilst encountering a plethora of different ‘events’ throughout, which will range from monetary negotiations to skill progression.

Adding expansion packs through IAP opens up another element to the already huge world – with 500 areas set across 10 maps to begin with – ensuring you’ll always have something new to get stuck into.


If you’re an iOS user, you can benefit from the latest update which includes two new areas: the Eternal Arena and the Dark Rift. The former circles around a trial tower experience, where you’ll gain more reward the higher you climb. The Dark Rift, however, is a maze area, whereby you must battle a dizzying amount of enemies attacking from all corners.

Now rated at 4.5+ on the App Store, if this looks like your cup of tea, we recommend a gander!

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