Newegg Mobile App For Android

Newegg Mobile App For Android

Jan 18, 2011

Like all bargain shopper geeks, I regularly check Newegg for the latest deals. However, I had absolutely no idea they had an app (doh!). Apparently it’s been out for like a month and no one informed me until the recent update that got pushed out last week. I went ahead and downloaded “Newegg Mobile” from the Android Market and I have to say I’m impressed so far.

Newegg Mobile is packed with features and options to help you find exactly what you are looking for. View “Shell Shocker” items and “Daily Deals” right from the home page or browse by category. Use the search function to input a search using text or voice. There is also an option for using Barcode Scanner (which must be downloaded, also free) to look up an item. This comes in handy when you’re in the store wondering if Newegg might have it cheaper.

Everything you would expect from Newegg is in this app (minus landscape support): Comprehensive product descriptions, images, sorting, and let’s not forget those wonderful reviews. Browsing and searching is very smooth and quick (much faster than I expected) and you even have a list of your last 5 recently viewed items always accessible. Create a “Wish List,” track orders, or shop for items featuring “Free Shipping.” Once items in your shopping cart are ready for purchase you can feel safe (if that’s at all possible) knowing that all purchases are routed through Newegg’s secure servers.

All that lovely Newegg goodness can’t be a good thing for my wallet. I mean all that hardware — taunting me — “Upgrade your machine,” “Look at me, I’m faster,” “Oooh, I’m on sale!” What’s a geek to do?

Download: Newegg Mobile

Source: Newegg Facebook, via Android Central

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