The Nexus 7 is Now Shipping, and Google Chrome is in Tow

The Nexus 7 is Now Shipping, and Google Chrome is in Tow

Jul 23, 2012

Almost a month after its announcement, Google and Asus’ Nexus 7 tablet is finally making its way into people’s hands as they’ve finally started shipping from Google Play.

Those looking to get the 8 GB version are in luck: I personally ordered one on Friday morning, and should have it today. Expect a review soon. The 16 GB one is harder to find: it’s currently out of stock on Google Play and many retailers have reported it as being out of sale. For Google this has to be a good thing: massive demand of a product is certainly a good sign. As well, given the iSuppli report that basically said that the 16 GB Nexus 7 only costs about $8-$15 more to make than the 8 GB version which is being sold at cost, then there’s the possibility that Google could wind up making a profit – even if it’s just a modest one – as well as gaining vital tablet market share.

Interesting to report is that Chrome is the primary browser on the Nexus 7 and not the standard Android browser. It’s important to note this because of the fact that Google appears to be trying to push Chrome as a product for all operating systems, not just a desktop browser. They’ve launched Chrome for iOS, though it’s still basically just a WebKit wrapper, and Safari is still the most capable iOS browser thanks to the Nitro JavaScript engine. However, Google wants users to get into that Chrome ecosystem wherever they are, and making it the browser of choice on the Nexus 7 seems to be a conscious choice. It also represents the death of the stock Android browser, capable enough thanks to its WebKit base, but not all that well-regarded as a capable browser thanks in part to Android’s fragmentation.

Of course, how it all works in practice is a very good question, though the capable hardware of the Nexus 7 should ensure that any well-built browser will work well. But will it wind up being a net positive experience? We’ll have our rundown very soon.

Carter Dotson
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  • I got the 16GB only because it was $50 more.  I’m thinking I should have gone with the 8GB version so I could get it into my hands.