NFLPA Begins Launching Player-Focused Apps

This is the last week of the NFL season, and for many people, their eyes will not be on the games that could determine potential playoff matches; no, many eyes will be on LeSean McCoy, running back for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are officially out of playoff contention, though that is not necessarily the fault of Mr. McCoy. Thanks to that wondrous game of fantasy football, where people form virtual teams of NFL players whose statistical contributions count as points toward their team. LeSean McCoy is the number one fantasy running back in the NFL this year, according to ESPN standard scoring. However, in his previous game, he hurt his ankle, and with this being the championship week for many leagues, many fantasy owners’ eyes cast worrying gazes on the status of LeSean McCoy to see if they should start him or bench him because of his injury.

For those Android owners currently obsessing about LeSean McCoy Conduit has teamed up with the NFLPA, Target Entertainment Properties, and ProPlayerInsiders to launch special player-focused apps. LeSean McCoy is one of the first NFLPA player apps to be made available, along with Takeo Spikes. Mr. Spikes is a defensive player and thus only makes cursory additions to fantasy football, and is thus less interesting for this story.

The app offers quick access to the player’s Twitter account, Facebook wall (including fan comments), latest photos and videos about the player, statistics, and a jigsaw puzzle game for users to enjoy. As well, the apps offers a contest for users to attend a party at the NFL Players Party to meet current and former NFL players at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis on February 3rd, 2012. The LeSean McCoy app is available now, and I’ll be rooting for him this Sunday as he hopefully leads my fantasy football team to the championship. If not, I might just be one of those users posting in crude vernacular on his Facebook wall…

Carter Dotson
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