Nimble Quest Coming Soon to Android

Nimble Quest Coming Soon to Android

Mar 20, 2013

NimbleBit is about to return with Nimble Quest, their latest free-to-play title after last year’s addictive Pocket Planes. This one is not a simulation title like their previous titles, but is actually a take on the classic Snake gameplay, with light RPG elements.

Players control a line of heroes that move like a snake, swiping to turn in a particular direction, with their snake of characters automatically attacking nearby enemies. Those enemies are attacking as well, and are trying to take out the player’s ‘snake’ of heroes, though the other heroes are expendable; if the leader dies then it’s game over. Along the way, players collect gems, powerups, and extra heroes from enemies that drop them. Gems can be spent on in-game upgrades, and can be purchased as well, though the game has been tested with IAP disabled in order to ensure that it’s a fun experience for free players as well as those who pay for additional credits, skip ahead in unlock progression or to unlock things like the gem doubler.

Visually, the game doesn’t have the same low-resolution pixelated look that Tiny Tower or Pocket Planes had, opting for a more 16-bit pixel art style with more detail. The soundtrack, featuring music from prolific indie composer Whitaker Trebella, is retro-esque without going too much in to the chiptunes territory.

There is also an Arena mode where players spend tokens, the game’s secondary currency (which can be bought with gems or earned as random pickups) to play and try to amass kills for their guild. This is similar to the Flight Crew from Pocket Planes.

Apple fans will be getting the first crack at the game on March 28th, as the game launches on iOS and Mac there. The game should be releasing soon on Android, according to the NimbleBit team, but at some point after the iOS version. The game is up and running on Android, however, so it appears the delay may be due to testing, an attempt to synchronize the release with Amazon, or just to keep the game from being overshadowed by the Apple launch. We’ll definitely have full coverage of the game once it releases.

Oh, and that space in the name is important. Nimble Quest, not NimbleQuest, though it’s NimbleBit and not Nimble Bit. They’re keeping you on your toes!

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