NimbleBit’s New Game Pocket Planes is Coming to Android Soon

NimbleBit’s New Game Pocket Planes is Coming to Android Soon

May 23, 2012

NimbleBit’s followup to the smash hit Tiny Tower is coming very soon – and it’s coming to Android very soon to boot. Pocket Planes, which has a new trailer available, shares a pixel art style with Tiny Tower, but is a more invovled game. The goal is to grow an airline, flying customers from airport to airport, managing the various routes to make money. New destinations can be unlocked as the game progresses, allowing players to fly routes around the world in over 250 cities. There are a wide variety of planes that can be unlocked, each with different stats and customization schemes. As well, NimbleBit is promising more social features will be involved in the game, with the ability to trade plane parts and compete in events with players around the world.

This is the first NimbleBit social game to be announced for iOS and Android; both Pocket Frogs and Tiny Tower’s announcements came at a period of time after the iOS launches. According to NimbleBit’s Dave Marsh, Mobage will be publishing the Android version of Pocket Planes, similar to Tiny Tower. It’s unknown if the game will be a simultaneous iOS and Android launch, but it does appear to be a possibility. Pocket Planes is coming soon, and we’ll have more on this game as it nears release.

Carter Dotson
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  • Cupowater35

    Please release for android soon.  I can’t wait to play.