Noodlecake Games to Bring One New Game from iOS to Android Every Single Week with Game A Week Project

Noodlecake Games to Bring One New Game from iOS to Android Every Single Week with Game A Week Project

Apr 23, 2012

Android cross-platform tools are quickly increasing in quantity. However, what these tools fail to address is the issue of support. The Temple Run developers have had to deal with the literally thousands of Android devices out there, and the deluge of support emails that come along with them. So, Noodlecake Studios, creators of Super Stickman Golf, have announced that they’re going to take care of this. They have a set of tools that will allow them to quickly and easily port games to Android. In fact, they claim to be able to run iOS-native code directly on Android with their tools.

They’re so confident in their tools that through their new publishing arm, Noodlecake Games, they will be releasing a new iOS-to-Android title every single week starting May 10th. Their own Lunar Racer will launch the program, followed by Matt Rix’s Trainyard, with more titles to coming in the future.

Noodlecake Games will be handling all aspects making the games work on the many Android devices out there, from not just the port work, to making the games work on the many screen sizes and varieties of hardware out there, to even handling support issues for the games. Of course, they’ll handle the submission to various marketplaces, doing a revenue share with developers who wish to have their games released on Android with Noodlecake Games.

While the technical specifics aren’t really known of what Noodlecake Games’ tools are doing, that may not be the point – the point is that they want to get more games on Android from iOS, and believe they have the tools to make it happen on a regular basis. As well, they can take care of the most common issues that developers interested in launching on Android dread handling. If their tools can work well enough that an 8-man team can release a new port every week, then it could be possible for some games to have much smaller delays in coming to Android, which would be a major boon for the platform’s growth for gaming.

Carter Dotson
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