Nvidia Shield Coming This June for $349 – Will It Succeed?

Nvidia Shield Coming This June for $349 – Will It Succeed?

May 28, 2013

Project Shield, Nvidia’s Tegra 4 reference device that boasts an attached controller, has an official name and a price point. Meet the Nvidia Shield, releasing this June for $349.

That they would keep the Shield name seemed apparent based on the design of the device, where the screen flips down to form a shield over the controller. And changing the name didn’t make much sense given all the attention paid to it, so it’s just a mild change to “Nvidia Shield.”

The price point is interesting: it’s definitely higher than the price of most subsidized phones, entry-level tablets, and even the PS Vita and 3DS. This could threaten to make it a tough sell, but it’s not like it’s in entirely uncharted pricing territory. As well, its unique features could make it stand out at its price point, and possibly even to an expanded gamer audience with the PC streaming features and exposure to Android gaming with a real controller. That it’s also using top-of-the-line hardware could be a selling point for it too over the decreased build quality of the $199-and-below tablet market.

However, there is the threat of it just being a niche device, and with more manufacturers using Snapdragon chips, Nvidia threatens to be a minor part of the Android scene just a year after being in the Nexus 7. So, a successful launch for the Shield could help Nvidia tremendously.

People interested in pre-ordering the Shield for its June launch can do so now from Nvidia, or from other retailers like Newegg.

Carter Dotson
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