OfficeDrop Comes to Android Offering Mobile Document Scanning with OCR

OfficeDrop Comes to Android Offering Mobile Document Scanning with OCR

May 12, 2011

OfficeDrop have released an app that allows users to scan documents and upload them to the cloud for Android. OfficeDrop Paper-To-Go allows users to take pictures of documents with their camera (it also works with saved photos), and upload them to OfficeDrop’s servers for cloud-based access to them. As well, files that are uploaded to OfficeDrop become searchable through OCR (optical character recognition). This means that documents could be scanned, then users can use OfficeDrop’s OCR technology to find text within their scanned documents. A quick test of the app shows that photos of documents that are properly lit, with limited shadows, work better with the OCR feature, but it is very quick and allows for all text captured to be searched. It doesn’t appear to create text documents of the files, however.

OfficeDrop doesn’t just limit documents to the app – it creates PDF files, which are user-downloadable. As well, the app supports sharing to Evernote, and Dropbox from the web client – the Android client is largely just a portal for quickly uploading and viewing files, and the web client offers more options, especially for synchronization. However, viewing, searching, and uploading all work properly from the Android app. The app is available as of today from the Android Market as a free download. The service is a subscription-based one, but it comes with a 60-day free trial that doesn’t require any credit card or other financial info to use.

As OfficeDrop CEO Prasad Thammineni puts it, “Many of OfficeDrop’s small business customers already use their phones to email documents into our system. The new Android app makes this
process much simpler – snap a photo and get organized all within the app. We’re making it easy to not only scan, but also search, share and edit documents on the go.” This is what the Android app is all about – making using this service easier, and being able to access the power of cloud computing from users’ phones. Click here to download OfficeDrop for Android now.

Carter Dotson
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