Official Google Reader App Finally Arrives

Official Google Reader App Finally Arrives

Dec 4, 2010

Many of you have been waiting for this moment to arrive for a long time. Why it took so long is beyond me but we now have a native Google Reader app for our precious Android devices. Google Reader is a way to read and share content from your favorite blogs or websites by aggregating their RSS feeds. If you are like me and subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds then Google Reader is a nice compact way of organizing it all for easy viewing. You will find there is nothing better than having all your favorite sites and news come to you packaged in one neat little umm — package.

The Google Reader App is very simple and easy to use. This first version offers all the basic functions you would expect from Google Reader such as sharing, liking, starring and people you follow. Other features you will find include:

  • Syncing with Google Reader Account
  • Multiple Account Support
  • Subscriptions with unread count
  • Search or Explore feeds
  • Volume-key navigation
  • Rename, unsubscribe or change folders

There are also many other options included such as adding notes, sorting and marking read/read all. The Google Reader app is very clean and simple to use. It includes large font for easy reading and navigating. I am very satisfied with it so far and find it much easier than using Google Reader through my phone’s browser. You will find that the Google Reader app gets the job done quickly and efficiently but is still missing some features many user would like to have.

You will find there is no widget, no notification support, no app-to-SD support and from what I have heard no Google Apps support. I’m hoping some of these features will be added in future updates but for now Google Reader app is a much needed addition to my app tray and I’m relieved it’s finally here. Now head on over to the Android Market and download the official Google Reader Android app for free and start bringing your favorite website content to you.

Download: Google Reader App

Source: Google Reader Blog

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