OnLive Coming to Android Tablets This Fall

OnLive Coming to Android Tablets This Fall

Jun 15, 2011

Cloud-based gaming is coming to Android tablets this fall, as OnLive is planning to release an OnLive Player App for iPad and Android tablets. OnLive is the cloud-based gaming service that allows for the playing of PC games that are being run on OnLive’s remote computers, instead of on the device itself. While OnLive has been supported through PCs and their OnLive MicroConsole for TV and monitor output. As well, OnLive has dabbled into the world of tablets before, with the OnLive Viewer app for iPad, although this has only been used for viewing games being played; actually playing the games has not yet been supported.

The games appear to not support on-screen controls, which may be for the best, considering that the games are built for actual physical controls. Instead, they’ll support OnLive’s Universal Wireless Controller, which connects to devices via either USB or Bluetooth, the latter being how the tablet controls will likely work. The apps will also support display output, so that the tablets can act similarly to the MicroConsole. This controller could theoretically be used wherever OnLive is available, so users could pack up their controller and play their games wherever they have OnLive access.

The apps are theoretically not going to be available for smaller Android phones; this is likely because playing a console game on a small 4-inch screen does not sound like it would work very well. Of course, the possibility exists that the talented Android hacking community ocould finagle up a way to make it work on phones, if at all possible. The iPad app will also support a remote web browser with Flash; Android tablets naturally can just run Flash in any web browser. There’s no word on the cost, if any, of the app, or if there will be any subscription fees or any fees for using the tablet apps. The apps are scheduled for release later this year.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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