Outwitters 2.0 Makes its Way to Android

Outwitters 2.0 Makes its Way to Android

Mar 13, 2015

We’ve been keeping an eye out for this one, and finally, it’s here: Outwitters 2.0 is available for folks with Android devices.

Our free turn-based strategy game Outwitters is now available for the first time on Android! We’ve also released a 2.0 update today for iOS. Why 2.0? We basically rebuilt the entire game from the ground up. The result: much faster performance, better load times, a few improved animations, and most excitingly, cross platform play between iOS and Android.

What’s Outwitters?

Outwitters is a quirky turn-based strategy game originally released on iOS. An App Store Editor’s Choice pick, it’s garnered over a million downloads since its launch.

2-4 players take turns investing their resources (called wits) to summon reinforcements, navigate enemy defenses, and destroy their opponent’s base. You can challenge your friends or get skill-matched by our robust league ranking system. There are four races to choose from, each with its own cast of characters and a combat specialty to master. Would you prefer to fight alongside a hermit crab cannon, a brainwasher, a creeping thorny octopus, or a troop-teleporting narwhal?

The newest iteration remains free to play with ads, with additional teams and maps available for in-app purchase. If you have any further questions, feel free to reply to this address!

Outwitters 2.0 is available for free (with in-app purchases) on the Play Store.

[Source: Official Game Page]

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