Pay Anywhere Introduces Mobile Credit Card Processing for Android

Pay Anywhere Introduces Mobile Credit Card Processing for Android

May 27, 2011

The beauty of smartphones is their flexibility – they can do so many things from productive activities like email and document editing to entertainment like videos and games, to whatever tweeting would be classified as. One of the latest unexpected applications for smartphones, has been their use as credit card payment processors. The convenience of these are astounding – now retailers do not need specialized equipment to take payments. It also makes perfect sense for short-term installations as well; just last year at Comic-Con, I was able to use my credit card to buy a t-shirt from rap sensation MC Frontalot at his booth, as he used an app on his phone to take my credit card info.

The problem was that he had to manually input the data on there himself – this naturally is more time-consuming (and a potential security risk, although MC Frontalot did not wipe out my bank account) than just being able to swipe the card. This has become the logical next step in mobile payment processing, and several companies are stepping into the fold to make this a reality. One of those, with an accessory of their own, is Pay Anywhere.

Pay Anywhere offers free signups for users to their service, and also offers a free credit card reader, although cards can be manually keyed in from day one from within the app. The hardware card reader connects through the headset/mic port for Android devices, similar to the Square card reader. This means that it should have compatibility with most devices that have microphone input through the headphone port. Pay Anywhere claims to have lower rates than other competitors, also claiming to be the only mobile payment processor with card security through North American Bancard. The Android version of Pay Anywhere is available now, with the card reader available from Pay Anywhere for free.

Carter Dotson
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