PayPal sunsets two in-store payment options

PayPal sunsets two in-store payment options

Feb 27, 2018

Alas… being able to use your PayPal app as an in-store point of sale option in specific stores is no more.

PayPal pulled the plug on phone number/PIN and payment codes options, meaning these cannot be used in stores like Home Depot and Dollar General.

These options go away on March 31st.

In an email to customers, PayPal stated:

Going forward, PayPal will continue to innovate and provide you with new payment choices at your favorite stores. And whether it’s in-store or online, you can still pay using PayPal in a variety of ways including our new business debit card that earns you 1% cash back on all qualifying purchases! Visit to get your card today or you can pay with your mobile device via tap and pay on eligible Android devices supporting Google Pay.

PayPal states that is is working on partnerships going forward.

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