Pet Rescue Saga, King’s Newest Addictive Puzzle Game, Launches on Android

Pet Rescue Saga, King’s Newest Addictive Puzzle Game, Launches on Android

Jun 13, 2013

King, the mobile gaming behemoth behind the ultra-popular Candy Crush Saga that has replaced FarmVille as the go-to reference for an “uber-popular game that everyone and their mother is playing,” is launching their latest mobile game, Pet Rescue Saga, which is available today on Google Play.

Much like their other titles, this is a block-destroying puzzle game. Players must tap on blocks to destroy multiples of the same color, though single blocks can’t be destroyed. Eliminating a column will shift all blocks to the left. This shifting becomes important, because certain obstructions on the playing field will seaparte some blocks from others. Thus, getting some blocks to a point where in order to get them touching other blocks and to actually remove them, a column must be removed. The game is set up to where if a match can’t be made, then the top block gets removed automatically and the next row fills up.


This seems helpful, right? Well, yes and no. Well, the key to success in many levels is to destroy a certain percentage of blocks. So ones that get eliminated automatically become a real problem. Of course, performing well means that three stars can be attained. Some levels feature pets that must reach the bottom in order to complete objectives as well.

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Along the way, players can use powerups that can be bought in order to make progressing and succeeding much easier. There’s pickaxes for eliminating single blocks. A color pop can eliminate all blocks of a single color. There’s one powerup that has to be earned and charged up while playing, a rocket that goes up and clears a single line entirely.

Of course, it’s possible to connect to Facebook to compete for high scores and to get friends to gift extra lives to keep a game going. Who wants to wait? Waiting is for suckers. That’s at least what King hopes. All the elements that make their games so popular and addictive – the social elements, 72 challenging levels, and of course the gameplay that’s “simple to learn but difficult to master” as the old adage goes. Those who have started playing the game on Facebook can login with the same account and continue their game on the go, or vice versa.

Android gamers will get to play Pet Rescue Saga starting today, with the game available on Google Play.

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