Peter Molyneux’s 22Cans Studio Releases its First Experiment, Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube

Peter Molyneux’s 22Cans Studio Releases its First Experiment, Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube

Nov 7, 2012

Peter Molyneux’s 22Cans studio has released its first “experiment,” the much-pontificated Curiosity: What’s inside the Cube? It’s a game where essentially players are trying to chip away at a cube and its myriad layers in order for one player to discover what’s inside it. Coins are earned for breaking bricks, and they can be spent on the ability to check stats, or to buy items that will break into the cube faster. And yes, only one player will find out what is inside, and it’s supposedly life-changing. Or at least, as life-changing as a video made by Peter Molyneux can be. However, Peter Molyneux is known for exaggerating his games ever so slightly, so who knows what it will be. Also, this is not the studio’s true ‘first’ release, as they plan on releasing additional ‘experiments’ down the road for a total of 22 before releasing one true game. Or at least that’s the plan.

Now, while we usually review games instead of writing more open-ended articles like these, Curiosity feels more like a notable experiment than anything else. Gaming critics have surely either been chomping at the bit to write about this or rather confused because it’s such an odd, out-there thing. One review praised the game highly, another trashed it for doing nothing, and both seem like valid viewpoints, having played the game: there’s an inherent fascination in playing with the concept and players have been making the most of the canvas: they have been carving their names into the cube, along with various messages. Part of the allure is figuring out what’s inside. But considering that only one person will find out, and that’s even if it ever gets cracked open, it’s really just a waste of time with an opaque goal. Again, both viewpoints seem valid, and that’s almost why it’s worth downloading, for those reasons alone.

Though there is just one problem: the game may not be working properly on Android! The cube is meant to be shared between both platforms, but it is definitely appearing differently on Android than on iOS. This may be due to the massive load on the servers so far, or just an Android-specific issue; the game loads properly on iOS. Time will tell. Interestingly, the game semeed to not be installable on any devices when it launched on Monday night, but as of Tuesday night it is installable on many Android devices, but server communication is still wonky at best. Until then, it’s available for free on Google Play. Will anyone discover what is really inside the cube? Speculate in the comments below!

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