[Update]Not Even Pigskins are Safe From Angry Birds

[Update]Not Even Pigskins are Safe From Angry Birds

Feb 4, 2011

[Update 2/7: Angry Birds Valentines Edition now available in Seasons update.]

[Update 2/5: Today Rovio rolled out a “Ham Em High” update giving us 30 new western themed levels (along with more marketing). Go get it now.]

American Football reeks of pork products. From hot dogs, to ribs, and even though NFL footballs are made using cowhide, we refer to them as pigskins. It seems those beloved Angry Birds have caught wind of this pork parade and are planning a secret attack during Super Bowl XLV.

This Sunday during Super Bowl XLV, 20th Century Fox and Rovio will make Super Bowl commercial history when a 30-second advertisement for upcoming animated picture event RIO becomes the first-ever to air with an embedded code. This embedded code will unlock a special level in Angry Birds and information on entering a sweepstakes to win a trip to RIO’s world premiere in Rio De Janeiro. This newest marketing campaign feeds into the recent announcement of a special Angry Birds RIO edition that will be launching the same day as the motion picture premiere.

Take a sneak peek at the secret level below and be sure to watch closely this Sunday as they reveal the code to unlock it.

Source: RIO Contest. Screenshot via Phandroid

If that wasn’t enough to look forward to for your Angry Birds fixation, Rovio has also leaked out some screenshots of the upcoming Valentines Edition (coming this week I believe). The Valentines Edition should come in an update to the Angry Birds Seasons App that included the Halloween and winter holiday-themed levels. I’m wondering if cupids arrow will bring these famous foes together or if we will see the usual onslaught of avian anger towards those shameless swine.

Rovio continues to ride the Angry Birds gravy train and why shouldn’t they. Happy Valentines Day Rovio, I hate your intrusive ads but I love your game! Plenty of pink bowed pig screenshots below to get you excited.

Source: All Things Digital via Android Central

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