Pocket Frogs Leapfrogging on to Android

Pocket Frogs Leapfrogging on to Android

Jun 28, 2011

One of iOS’ most original and popular freemium games is hopping over to Android. Pocket Frogs from NimbleBit is coming soon to Android, in association with ngmoco and the Mobage tool kit.

The game, a spinoff of NimbleBit’s iOS game Dizzypad, which featured frogs of different designs, is based entirely around collecting frogs. They must be caught, raised, and bred with each other to birth newer, prettier frogs, and the cycle thus continues! Tadpoles must be fed and raised to become adult frogs, and the adult frogs must be fed, so they can be bred with other frogs to make new frogs with rarer designs. The game features actual gameplay to it, as there are segments where players can hop around lily pads to collect food, and mate with other frogs. NimbleBit’s strength with freemium games is to not make users feel like they have to spend money on the game; both this and their recently-released Tiny Tower on iOS both succeed at this aspect, particularly in that they actually give out the purchasable currency through in-game tasks. This isn’t just another farming sim that is designed to extract money straight from users’ wallets.

The game is being brought to Android through ngmoco corporate parent DeNA’s Mobage tools for porting games to Android. The press release claims that over 100 other games are coming to Android through the Mobage tools. Ian Marsh of NimbleBit says “An Android version of Pocket Frogs has been one the most requested things from our fans. Working with ngmoco and the Mobage platform allows us to bring Pocket Frogs to a larger audience with a streamlined publishing process.”

The iOS version authenticates via Plus+ and Game Center, so similar to StarDunk, it likely won’t support loading of iOS user profiles. No release date has been given for the game, but this is one to be excited about.

Source: Android Central

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  • Anonymous

    does anyone know WHEN this is happening? 

  • Can’t say I’ve heard anything specific as far as a release date goes; we just have the announcement, pretty much. You will hear from us when a date is announced, though!

  • Matt

    Is tiny tower coming to android?!?

  • Themetaldiva69

    I’ve has it for several months now. I have Android.