Pocket Legends and Star Legends Now Playable on Google Chrome with Cross-Platform Multiplayer Intact

Pocket Legends and Star Legends Now Playable on Google Chrome with Cross-Platform Multiplayer Intact

Dec 14, 2011

Spacetime Studios have made a living off of cross-platform multiplayer. Both Pocket Legends and their most recent title, Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles, allow for users on iOS and Android to play with each other in live online multiplayer modes. It’s even possible to use the same character across devices, making the difficulties of cross-platform saves on other platforms seem like a pittance by comparison. Now, Spacetime Studios is adding yet another platform for players to play on.

Google Chrome users can now get in on the fun, as a client for the browser is now available. The client uses Chrome’s Native Client technology which is implemented into the Spacetime Engine that powers both games. Impressively, the game will be playable on all three major desktop operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux. How’s that for cross-platform compatibility? As well, Spacetime Studios claims that these games are the first to integrate cross-platform multiplayer between both mobile and desktop operating systems. Because the games run on the same server architecture, this is a major reason of why the many platforms are compatible with one another.

According to Gary Gattis, CEO of Spacetime Studios, “There have always been technical walls between players of different platforms. Now, people are free to play on the device they choose with anyone, anywhere, anytime, whether they are at home or on-the-go.” The technical feats of Spacetime Studios’ games are unquestioned, and appear to far exceed what any other developer is doing. This is just only a further step in what they have been able to do with their technology. While developers struggle with making games work properly in the cloud, even with transferring files between devices, Spacetime Studios are bringing together desktops and mobile devices with their tools. Pocket Legends and Star Legends for Chrome are now available from the Chrome Web Store.

Carter Dotson
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