Pocket Legends For Android [Contest]

Pocket Legends For Android [Contest]

Nov 19, 2010

*Congratulations derajdefyre!*

[Thanks to everyone who entered the Pocket Legends Android costume contest.]

About 2 weeks ago the crew over at Spacetime Studios announced sign-ups for their “Pocket Legends” closed beta. It was open to only 50 people and the rest of the mobile MMO world cried uncontrollably and threw temper tantrums until finally they decided to release an open beta for all (that’s not really how it happened but that’s how I imagined it).

Pocket Legends for those of you who haven’t heard is a pioneer in the mobile 3D MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) gaming genre. The developers have been hard at work trying to accomplish their dream of “providing players, no matter where they are, with a single deep, seamless 3D MMO gaming experience on multiple devices.” Pocket Legends for Android is one more step in accomplishing that dream and I for one can’t give them enough credit.

Pocket Legends is a quality cross platform pick-up-and-play MMORPG chock full of all the goodies you would expect. Choose your class, embark on quests, join clans, etc. it’s all there. If you like MMO’s or just love mobile gaming in general, I highly recommend downloading Pocket Legends. You will need to be running Android 2.1 or above (OpenGL ES 1.1 required) in order to play Pocket Legends. Check below for some eye candy and all the necessary links.

Download: Pocket Legends



It seems a lot of people have been inquiring about that cool Android character in the Pocket Legends screenshots. He was originally there for promotional purposes only but with all the commotion he’s been stirring up (go figure Android stirring things up) the great guys over at Spacetime Studios have decided to run a contest. Follow Pocket Legends twitter feed all this week to find out where the Android robot is hiding (in-game). Any player who finds him and gives him a wave will receive the little guys green antennae. The best part about this limited edition costume is that it will be visible to all the Iphone users who also play Pocket Legends. How do you like them apples!

Android Rundown has also been given one of these limited Android costumes to give away to one lucky follower. There are two ways you can win:

1. Send out this tweet: Trying to win a #pocketlegends Android costume from @AndroidRundown http://bit.ly/9SGVu2


2. Post a caption to this Pocket Legends Screenshot (keep it clean):

Contest ends Monday 11/22 at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be chosen at random. We will announce the lucky winner and give all the details sometime Tuesday. Keep posted for any changes or additional info. Good luck.

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  • derajdefyre

    Caption for Contest Entry: “At first Andy was excited to be at the Snowpeak base camp until he realized that his specifications suggest keeping him at a temperature ABOVE freezing.”

  • derajdefyre

    I thought of a better one! “Andy then turned to Buzzardbait and said ‘If I were you, I’d want to trade with me, too'”

  • Anonymous

    Droid does not trade with Buzzardbait!

  • Sangaroh

    “The infiltration of Apple HQ has begun. Send out the Droids, over!”

  • Tcheeks1

    Oh crap! I iz out of platinum :o