Pocket Talkbox Lets You Be a Funk Master From 1973

Pocket Talkbox Lets You Be a Funk Master From 1973

Jun 5, 2013

Vito Biliti, a music teacher and app developer, has created an app called Pocket Talkbox that is a rather interesting one: it’s a musical instrument and it can make sounds, sure, but it’s useless without the human touch. Literally.

See, this app emulates a talkbox, aka that thing that makes the funky talking sounds in Peter Frampton’s songs. Users choose from a major or minor scale, tap and hole on one of the eight color, and listen as strange buzzing sounds come out. Well, that’s just annoying. How does this work? Watch the demonstration video:

So, put your mouth up to your device’s speaker, and start moving your lips, and hear the sounds that are coming out. Start manipulating them, and with practice, you can make funky sounds with your mouth and this app. It’s all about the lips and mouth manipulating the sounds coming from the speaker. It’s a unique human touch for a digital instrument. Give it a shot; it takes practice but it’s a ton of fun. It’s available for free from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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