Pokémon GO Legendary Week is on now

Pokémon GO Legendary Week is on now

Feb 23, 2018

Pokémon GO fans: this one is for YOU!

Niantic, the company behind some of the cooler augmented reality games out now, along with The Pokémon Company have some major news: it is officially Pokémon GO Legendary Week!

This event is on now and runs through March 5th.

Major points? It brings back Groudon and Kyogre alongside Rayquaza to Raid Battles. It also includes a global challenge: if trainers are able to defeat Rayquaza more than both the other mentioned characters, they;ll get special rewards.

The rewards are listed HERE.

In addition, the second annual Pokémon GO day is slated for February 24th; it will be a worldwide event that lasts three hours, and will feature temporarily increased spawning rates for the rare Dratini. During this time, Pokémon GO players who evolve Dragonair to Dragonite will also pick up the powerful Draco Meteo move as a bonus.


[Source: Pokémon GO Blog]

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