Presentation Whiteboard App Comes to Google Play

Presentation Whiteboard App Comes to Google Play

Jan 9, 2016

We love productive software that incorporates our mobile devices, and on paper, it does seem that Presentation Whiteboard, from Akashi Hamada fits the bill.

It is a new app on Google Play, and makes it easy for users to create and present images.

Excerpts from its press release:

The graphics app turns your smartphone or tablet into a virtual whiteboard where you can write in freehand, draw diagrams, use a camera to take photos, and search for images on Google.

Present and explain with a whiteboard
The app marketplace is full of graphics image editors that are full of complicated functions to produce beautiful designs on the one hand, and highly simplified drawing apps aimed at kids on the other. Presentation Whiteboard is expressly designed to make the creation of visual explanations easier.

The whiteboard screen can be intuitively manipulated and includes many tools that appear as easily recognizable icons. The interface is clean, with only icons for the basic functions appearing at the whiteboard tray while the rest of the functions are kept in a drawer.

With this app, communicating thoughts and ideas by creating image-rich presentations from scratch is simple and fast. Icon tools are accessed in one tap. The board can then be saved as an image file and sent by email.

The app comes in two flavors: a trial version as well as a full-fledged premium app (which costs $0.99).

The intro video is below:

[via Presentation Whiteboard Press Release]

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