Be Pressured Into Waking Up With “I Will Wake Up” Alarm Clock

Be Pressured Into Waking Up With “I Will Wake Up” Alarm Clock

Jul 4, 2012

"I Will Wake Up" Alarm Clock has an interesting method to try and get people up. No, it doesn’t try to figure out sleep cycles to find the optimal time to wake up, nor intellectually stimulate a person into not going back to sleep nor any of that mularkey. No, it relies on peer pressure. See, it posts to Facebook the user’s declaration that they’re going to wake up at a certain time. Wake up at that time, proving to sleep who’s boss? Then it posts about the success to Facebook. Fall victom to the sandman’s gentle hand for just a bit too long? Then it posts that to Facebook as well, allowing friends to shame those who dare sleep for too long.

Now, as a freelance writer, I can wake up pretty much whenever I want, and do. However, I do like to try and be semi-human by waking up in the morning. Or at least, before noon. So this app would be perfect for me, maybe peer pressure would work! But then it would also work as a brilliant way to taunt my friends that I can sleep in to way after they have to wake up because they have real jobs. Muhahahaha.

Ahem. "I Will Wake Up" Alarm Clock is available from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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