PrintJinni Tries to Make Printing from Android Easily

PrintJinni Tries to Make Printing from Android Easily

Sep 12, 2012

PrintJinni has a goal: it wants to make printing on Android super-simple. Like, find something on your phone or tablet that needs to be printed, share it to the app, and have it print to the necessary printer auto-magically simple. And it does just that.

PrintJinni can find printers wirelessly either through printers compatible with its own service, or by integrating with Google Cloud Print to make finding printers easy. Google Cloud Print is set up through Google Chrome to connect to any computer's printers, and by logging in through the app to the service, pretty much any printer on earth can be used. Huzzah! Dozens of files can be printed, from image files, PDF files, to even Microsoft Office files, which can be previewed directly in the app.

PrintJinni is free to download, and comes with a free 1-month trial of PrintJinni's printing services, and 3 free months of Google Cloud Print integration. Additional service can be purchased starting at $0.99 per month.

Carter Dotson
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