How Profitable Can Android Be – Ask Spacetime Studios

How Profitable Can Android Be – Ask Spacetime Studios

Mar 9, 2011

Some interesting news and statistics came in today. It seems the popular 3D MMO game Pocket Legends from Spacetime Studios has been doing rather well on Android, but that’s neither interesting nor surprising. But this is: “Pocket Legends is making more money on Android than iOS!” That’s right! According to Computer World, who was provided some information and statistics from Spacetime studios, Pocket Legends is in fact generating more revenue on Android despite lack of in-app purchase support.

According to Spacetime Studios, Android users generate 30 to 50 percent more revenue than its iOS users do. Take a look at the charts showing the difference in revenue between the game’s first 30 and 60 days in both the Apple App Store and Android Market.

This is great news for Android and developers who are wary of taking the leap. Unlike some, I am not going to insinuate anything or lay claim to unfounded remarks. I will however highlight the positive inclinations this new information provides.

Over here on the Android side of town, we have had to endure claims of developers not wanting to bother with Android for a plethora of reasons. I think it’s safe to say those bridges are slowly being burned and it is becoming almost ignorant to lay claims to Android not being profitable. For anyone who thinks otherwise, just give Rovio a call and ask them how much they are raking in.

These new statistics provided by Spacetime Studios reinforces the fact that Android is and will continue to be a viable avenue for developers. Haters will rebute with claims of Pocket Legends being old and iOS having higher quality games available. To me, they are missing the point entirely. The point, supported by the statistics, is that Android users are playing games, and they are spending money on them. The mere fact that revenue is even close to that of “lowercase I” provides more than enough incentive for developers looking to monetize their apps.

Just take a look at these powerful statements by Spacetime CEO Gary Gattis about their experience with Android:

“We’ve just been blown away.”
“Android has become our primary interest.”
“This led us to stop advertising on Apple and throw all of our marketing dollars onto Android.”
“It really just makes sense from a financial point of view.”

All things considered it would be unwise of a developer to ignore the tremendous growth and continued improvement of Android. Google remains committed to Android’s success while manufacturers, carriers, and developers continue to jump on board. Android shows no signs of slowing down and developing for it is becoming almost a necessity for any serious developer looking to capitalize.

Source: Computer World

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