New Qriket Season Starts With the New Year

New Qriket Season Starts With the New Year

Dec 29, 2011

This may be the most excited I’ve been for the start of an event that sounds like “cricket.” I’m not talking about that strange sport that your local Indian restaurant always has muted on the wall, I am talking about Qriket, with a Qr, as in QR codes. If you’re thoroughly confused right now, I don’t blame you. Qriket is a very odd concept and kind of a hidden web gem. The main basis of Qriket is to assemble a team of smartphone toting friends who snap photos of QR codes whenever they arise in the wild. Every code you get adds a point to the overall team total, and every code also comes with a mini game where you get a shot at receiving bonus points or even cash for yourself. At a minimum, you could just sign up, not join a team and just use Qriket to give yourself a small chance at finding a few bucks every time a QR code appears. The cash prizes aren’t too spectacular; my lone prize yesterday was 5 bucks. But honestly, that’s 5 more dollars then I had and for a college student, thats a free meal.

Qriket works in monthly “seasons” and the registered teams all scan away for the three top spots which receive a quite substantial prize. The prize for this last month was $8,500 for the winning team. This is the team prize, and it is evenly distributed among the team members. So, for an 11 man team, that’s $772 a person. Not bad. Granted getting these top spots is a long shot, and you have to be dedicated, but for now Qriket is a small service, meaning your odds are probably greater than you think.

Codes scanned in one season can be rescanned for the next season, so stockpiling a pile of magazine ads containing QR codes is something that I recommend. So head to their website and login with your Facebook account. Even if you don’t compete it is exciting seeing if you can squeeze some cash out of a stone (you’ll see what I mean if you play). I realize that by writing this blog post I am just increasing my competition for this upcoming season, but I think I’m up to the challenge.

Joseph Bertolini
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