Get Ready to Get Your Bird On!

Get Ready to Get Your Bird On!

Sep 2, 2010

Who loves angry birds?
Who hates egg stealing pigs?
Android does!

Rovio, creator of the highly contagious game Angry Birds has announced plans to scrap its closed beta testing and release an Angry Birds Lite Beta app to the Android masses this Friday. (Giving us one more reason to go get the swine flu vaccination early)

Before everyone jumps up and starts doing the chicken dance let’s remember this is a “BETA” version. This app may have some glitches and may not work properly on all devices but it’s still a sling shot closer to a finished flock of Angry Birds which has me clucking for joy.

What’s Angry Birds you ask? It’s an addictive physics based puzzle game that would have Alfred Hitchcock twittering.

This game features a group of cute and cuddly birds with anger management issues. These angry birds are seeking revenge upon some ugly greedy green pigs who have adopted a high protein diet consisting of angry bird eggs.

The object is to catapult an array of angry birds touting unique abilities upon the pigs and the structures they seek refuge in. The more damage you cause the more points you earn. You can destroy the pigs by direct hit or crush them with debris. Some pigs are small and weak while others come equipped with different defensive abilities making them harder to destroy. Bonus points, replay value and over a 100 levels of pure demolition make for hours of feathered fury fun.

So get out your extra batteries and warn your bosses of your intent to miss future deadlines because come Friday you will become an egg saving, pig killing gladiator on a mission to protect the angry bird population of the mobile world.

Vincent Messina
Self made billionaire, inventor of the Large Hadron Collider and owner of the New England Patriots soon found life quite boring. This kid at heart decided to trade it all to become the worlds first fun loving father, writer, musician with an ever growing obsession for little green robots.
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