Get Ready for War Daddy: War Harder on Ouya, from the Creator of Death Ray Manta

Get Ready for War Daddy: War Harder on Ouya, from the Creator of Death Ray Manta

Dec 31, 2013

Are you ready for the War Daddy? I don’t think you are. I was ready for it. I downloaded it on my Ouya, I knew Rob Fearon (aka @retroremakes) makes games that encapsulate the feeling of chaos into one playable package. But perhaps War Daddy, with its lovably rough aesthetic, was something I just could never be ready for.

After all, the subtitle is War Harder.

This is a top-down shooter, controlled with the joystick and a single button for firing. Enemies spawn from the UFOs on all sides of the screen, and bullets come in in spread-out formations. And in great number too. And they’re glowing. And the enemies are many, and distracting. Survival is…a challenge.

Rob Fearon does not make boring games. Whether they bore you in their play or not, that’s your opinion, but his games are always visually busy. There’s always something going on. It was true of Death Ray Manta, and it’s true of War Daddy. There’s flashing colors, everything’s moving, the game is chaotic in just about every sense of the word.

The key? Find out where you are. Always make sure you know where you are. Keep your head while all about are losing theirs. And hopefully if you’re shooting everything you need to, then it’s your head that’s still in the game for a while.


Seriously, the game is well worth watching in motion, which is why I recorded video with commentary, because it needs to be seen to be believed, especially the challenge of figuring out where you are.

The game is not on Android in general, which is probably a good thing: physical controls are needed to have even a hope of surviving. If I had to not only judge where I was with my fingers, then that’d be practically impossible…r. The game can be had from the Ouya storefront, or from, which includes the PC version as well.

And get ready for the War Daddy. He’s ready for you.

Carter Dotson
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