Real Racing 3 is Imminent! Here’s What You Need to Know.

Real Racing 3 is Imminent! Here’s What You Need to Know.

Feb 27, 2013

Android gamers, get ready. EA and Firemint’s hotly-anticipated new racing game Real Racing 3 is finally making its debut.

The game has been out for a couple weeks on iOS in Australia and New Zealand, which has allowed for testing and tweaking of the game’s mechanics, not to mention that it allows the Time Shifted Multiplayer feature to be populated with actual racers. This means that players should have a well-balanced field of real opponents’ performances to take on once they get the game. The iOS version is rolling out worldwide, and international Android users can already download the game from this link. North American users will need to wait for EA to publish the game, as they have a second developer listing that sells games for North America. The game appears to require a large post-installation download of 1.7 GB (on par with the iOS version), so make sure there’s plenty of free space on that device!

We’ll have a full in-depth review of the game tomorrow on the site. Until then, our sister site 148Apps has coverage of the hot content of Real Racing 3:

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