Five Reasons to Care About the Upcoming Heroes of Loot from Orangepixel

Five Reasons to Care About the Upcoming Heroes of Loot from Orangepixel

Jul 31, 2013

Heroes of Loot is the upcoming game from prolific one-man studio Orangepixel, a retro-inspired hack ’n slash that is currently in beta. Here are five reasons why you should care about this upcoming title.

1. It’s Gauntlet-inspired!

So many modern roguelikes and hack ’n slash games ignore what is one of the more prominent entries in the genre in the history of gaming: Gauntlet. Heroes of Loot does not. There’s projectile-based weapons for all the characters (even the ‘melee’ ones) and loads of enemies to take on. Massive enemy waves to take on. Thankfully none of the really annoying elements are there (yet) like indestructable Death and the ability to constantly pump in quarters.

Boy am I glad no free-to-play game has tried to do what Gauntlet did back in the day.


2. It’s gonna have multiplayer

A game can’t be a good Gauntlet-like without having multiplayer, and lo, there will be multiplayer in Heroes of Loot! Right now, it’s primarily supported through the use of multiple Green Throttle controllers, though it seems quite likely that the unconsoles like Ouya will have support for the game and multiplayer too because I’m reasonably certain that if someone releases an unconsole or a controller, Pascal Bestebroer is coding support for it. In fact, the game is spirtitually a lot like Gunslugs in many regards…

3. It has that Orangepixel ‘voice’ in it

Anyone who plays Orangepixel games knows that for the overwhelming majority of them, they have common themes and similar art styles. It’s a very familiar brand and style, and it’s good for gaming – both as an industry and as an art form – to allow a developer to cultivate a voice and style for themselves. Heroes of Loot is a new expression of that voice. Speaking of loot…


4. The game doesn’t skimp on loot

If you like collecting coins, jewels, treasure chests, and other assorted beads and baubles, there’s loads of them to pick up. Loads and loads and loads and loads and loads. It’s loot all the way down.

5. Interesting permanent elements

There seems to be a permanent dungeon difficulty that increases as players do better at the game, trying to ensure that players are constantly challenged. While it’s not fully understood or realized in this pre-release version, it’s definitely an interesting element to be explored as it nears release.

Heroes of Loot is still in the works, and should be coming to Android at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Carter Dotson
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