A look at the refreshed Seagate Wireless Plus External Drive

A look at the refreshed Seagate Wireless Plus External Drive

Jun 5, 2014

When we looked at the first iteration of the Seagate Wireless Plus, we thought it was an excellent idea that needed a bit of polishing to fully capitalize on its potential. Well, Seagate has been a-polishin’ of late, and the result is a refreshed Wireless Plus line with different capacities, and some new features that should endear it to the mobile masses.

To reprise, the Wireless Plus is a storage drive that is able to create a wireless connection with a compatible mobile device; in this way, the connected smart device can then access data stored on the Wireless Plus seamlessly. One great usage idea is for accessing movies; streaming them from the portable accessory eases the data burden on the smart device, and has the added benefit of being able to stream to multiple devices.

The re-imagined Wireless Plus comes in three flavors now, 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB (we got to look at the 2 TB). It retains the same grey look of the original, with the same LED layout. The connector cover is gone though, replaced with a simple proprietary USB port. This port also supplants the dedicated power port, which is also gone. In the box is a matching USB cable, a USB wall socket and documentation.


The user experience is much improved, with a more consistent streaming process and interface with the companion app (which has been refreshed as well). I absolutely love the new cloud compatibility, which allows for syncing and access to Dropbox and Google Drive. Uploading and downloading can be performed wirelessly and traditionally via cable.

I like the consolidation of the sync and power functions… it just makes sense. I don’t like the proprietary port, but think the added functionality of the newer models makes that easier to swallow. I still found some wonkiness when the device is in the presence of multiple wi-fi sources, but this is really fixed by connecting concurrently with a trusted wi-fi source.

We really liked the original, but the updated hardware and software bring the Wireless Plus closer to being all that it can be. It’s still just as portable, and even more useful.

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