Regular Show Ghost Toasters Now on Android: Video of the Day

Regular Show Ghost Toasters Now on Android: Video of the Day

Oct 25, 2013

Regular Show meets Super Crate Box? Yep, that’s the premise of Ghost Toasters, the new game based on the hit Cartoon Network show, and it’s curious enough that it’s a perfect candidate for our Video of the Day.

Developer Grumpyface has done this sort of thing before, with Mutant Fridge Gumball on iOS being a deep beat ’em up with character leveling. This follows something of a familiar formula, as the various characters from Regular Show have a variety of upgrades. Character switching is done by going through portals, which switches to a new character from the series, with new ones unlocked later on. Unlike the game’s obvious inspiration, there’s a level-based structure, with set enemy patterns to face, earning stars for taking out a certain number of ghosts and getting through a particular number of portals.

Good luck, as the goals require focus to achieve. This is the developer’s M.O. with Cartoon Network: make games based off of familiar licenses with high production values (the animation is fantastic) that are more than just licensed schlock. This is also their first Android title, and hopefully some of their previous ones, including the excellent Super Mole Escape are potentially on the way. You can download Ghost Toasters now, but before that, watch some video of the game:

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