Rocking Huawei’s freshest offering: Mate 10 Pro

Rocking Huawei’s freshest offering: Mate 10 Pro

Mar 12, 2018

It’s that time of year where everyone is dropping new devices, and if you’re a techie, this is akin to heaven on earth. So much stuff, and precious little time to play with them all.

Huawei gave us some time with its new device, the Mate 10 Pro. Well, we figure Huawei should have gracefully shed any claim to being an non-prominent Android player a while back, so we went into this one eager to see it continue to please us.

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It is a relatively svelte device, quite light in hand and maybe even becoming in its sharp blue finish. it packs a 6.0″, 2160 x 1080 pixel “FullView” display into a 6.07 x 2.93 x 0.31 inch frame. It has well set camera and fingerprint sensor (which works well with fore finger), with rockers on the left, and micro USB C port at the bottom. Altogether, it’s a nice looking device, and the screen is striking.

Under the hood, it packs a HUAWEI Kirin 970 processor (Cortex octacore CPU) to power Android Oreo out the gate.

EMUI — updated to version 8.0 no less — remains the fairly clean overlay its been in recent iterations; anyone with a rudimentary prior usage of stock Android OS should be at home with this interface.The system itself packs things like MirrorShare, which is its version of MiraCast, and things we consider standard at this point, like NFC.

It happily took our play around T-Mobile SIM, and we used it for a while as a daily driver. As a call device, no major mishaps; no dropped calls, and no static-y backdrops. As a test, we used it to do everything we did on our usual daily driver, and outside a few proprietary utilities on my regular device, the Mate 10 Pro did its thing, and did it respectably.

So all things being equal, with relative feature parity on major devices, it boils down to the itty bitty extras. My biggest whine with regards to this device is its size, and even that is admittedly a minor quibble.

No mind. This a device that is just about right for any mobile warrior, anywhere.

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