Rondo Adventure Arrives on Google Play

Rondo Adventure Arrives on Google Play

Sep 10, 2015

AXL Dynamics has just released a labor of love called Rondo Adventure, a puzzle game for the mobile inclined.

Have a game of Rondo Adventure!

Ron and Do are two jellies who live in the world of Rondo! They play with the Jelly Princess all day long and have a lot of fun!

But the Bad Jelly has a very, very mean plan – he kiddnaps the Jelly Princess to steal the fun from the world of Rondo!

Play the game of Rondo and save the Princess – it may look silly and simple, but it can be a real challenge!


â–º Drag your finger through the ground
â–º Guide the green Ron to the exit
â–º Explode stuff by touching Ron with the red Do
â–º Collect the stars!


â–º Simple controls
â–º Nice and detailed cartoon graphics
â–º A pleasant soundtrack
â–º Non-violent gameplay

The game is available for free (with in-app purchases). Check out the trailer below:

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