SamDroidJackson – A Mother*&@$%* App For Your Mother*&@$%* Phone

SamDroidJackson – A Mother*&@$%* App For Your Mother*&@$%* Phone

Oct 6, 2010

The guys over at Heatwave Interactive have finally managed to port over their Mother*&@#$%* iSamJackson app to our beloved Android Market. This beacon of benevolence is available in either an explicit version or the “wash your mouth out with soap” clean version. If you are a fan of actor Samuel L. Jackson then you will undoubtedly enjoy this soundboard app.

SamDroidJackson is a customizable soundboard app consisting of original Sam Jackson quotes and a variety of other features. You can have one touch access to sh*t you wish you could say. This potty mouth app will have your momma running to Costco to buy bars of soap in bulk. It’s funny, quirky, and sometimes downright righteous.

Here’s what Anthony Castoro, CEO of Heatwave Interactive had to say about SamDroidJackson.

“iSamJackson is the definitive entertainment app for the iPhone and iPod touch, and SamDroidJackson offers Android owners a chance to be as bad ass as their Apple-loving counterparts,” “We’re really excited to not only be bringing all of the app’s great features to the Droid platform, but also to offer users the ability to use Sam’s signature attitude as their ringtone.”

What else do you need to know? Head over to the Android Market to get yourself some Sam.

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