Samsung Galaxy Note Finally Gets Ice Cream Sandwich

There were probably 2 main complaints about the Samsung Galaxy Note at launch: one, that it was too big. Two, it used an outdated version of Android. While Samsung’s hand-enlargening worldwide gas distribution project has hit some speed bumps in development, Ice Cream Sandwich is finally hitting the gargantual phone. This brings a TouchWiz version of ICE to the phone, with the special Galaxy Note apps like S Note, which also features updates to make it work better, along with a new S Memo widget. While this update is long overdue (there’s no reason why it shouldn’t have shipped with Ice Cream Sandiwch in the first place), it’s at least getting the upgrade, which is more than many phones can say.

Still, this should make the phone more attractive to power users who wanted a unique device without giving up the advantages of the latest Android OS. The update is currently rolling out around the world – US Galaxy Note owners may get it later because of the different hardware and because of carriers insistence on testing the OS before release. However, custom ROMs do exist.

Carter Dotson
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