The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is the Anti-Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is the Anti-Galaxy Note

Apr 3, 2012

Samsung is officially the Three Bears of smartphone companies. The Galaxy Note is too big! Now meet their phone that’s too small: the Galaxy Pocket. This microscopic phone is designed for those who not only think that Samsung’s behemoth phones are too gargantuan, but that the iPhone is too big as well. How do those size 0 jeans fit, anyway? Are they comfortable?

Now, unlike the Galaxy Note, this is an underpowered phone, that would likely be targeted at the low-end consumer if it ever reached the US. It does come with AT&T cellular bands, so it’s definitely a possibility. The concern that critics of the Galaxy Note have in particular is that smaller phones would be underpowered. In reality, it would be interesting to see a Samsung or similar company release a smaller device, designed for the person who wants a small screen size, but big phone power. Heck, they could even use similar or identical components between them. It would be perfect.

However, considering the wide variety of phones currently in play, and the ever-increasing number announced regularly, that is unlikely to change any time soon. But for Android owners with tiny processing power needs to go along with their tiny hands, hopefully this phone comes to the US for their sake. Thankfully, it recently passed through the FCC, so tiny phones may soon be had by all!

Carter Dotson
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