Savant Ascent, Gentlemen, and Why the Humble Store is Becoming an Interesting Way to Distribute Android Games

Savant Ascent, Gentlemen, and Why the Humble Store is Becoming an Interesting Way to Distribute Android Games

Aug 16, 2013

Interestingly, Humble is slowly expanding from just offering Android games as parts of bundles, and is starting to become an option for developers to distribute their games in unorthodox ways.

Savant Ascent from D-Pad Studio, an arcade shooter featuring the music of Savant, isn’t available on Google Play yet. But an Android version can be had from the game’s Humble widget on the site. Buying a copy of the game on PC gets the Android version as well, and it’s the only way to get it at the moment, though a Google Play version is planned.


What Lucky Frame is doing with Gentlemen!, their multiplayer-focused title, is a bit different. It’s designed for tablets, but people have wanted to run it on their phones. Now, Lucky Frame advises against this, but it’s something that they can provide now. By buying the Humble version of the game, players get the PC/Mac version of the game, along with access to the APK. They can run it on whatever device they want,, and see why it probably is better on tablets. However, Lucky Frame sitll is selling the game on Google Play, and the advantage there? They can provide a more curated experience as far as compatibility goes.

I’ve also talked to at least one other developer who is interested in using Humble to fulfill backer rewards from Kickstarter. This would allow them to distribute the game freely to backers without having to worry about Google Play’s lack of promo codes.

Thanks to the bundles that have been selling, users might just have an awareness that Humble exists as an option, and with various new distribution scenarios popping up, especially in light of Google’s lack of support for distributing promo copies, it could be a route more developers go down, especially with the rise of cross-platform tools like Unity that make releasing on Android easier than ever.

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