Save Your Booty App Helps Make Item Cataloguing Easier, with a Pirate Theme

Save Your Booty App Helps Make Item Cataloguing Easier, with a Pirate Theme

Mar 22, 2012

Save Your Booty is a serious app with a somewhat-silly name. It is not a butt-rejuvenation app. Sorry to all the aging curvy mamas out there. No, what this app is designed to do is to catalog items for insurance policies. That’s not the most exciting way to describe an app, but this is an interesting use of technology to help users protect their valuables.

What this app lets users do is to simply scan the UPC of the items in their possession by using their device’s camera by accessing it through Barcode Scanner. Then, the app automatically fills out its sections for Photos, Item Name, Description, Value, and can use GPS to note its location. It’s possible to edit all of these categories, including adding additional timestamped photos.

This then makes it easier to report the items as damaged or stolen, should damage or theft occur. There will be detailed descriptions of the items, with photographs, and GPS-determined location of them. This should increase the likelihood that insurance claims will be successful because of the detailed information that will have been catalogued. Developer App-Order works regularly with governments, so they have experience in making apps for official purposes such as these.

All this information is saved to the web, so in case the phone that catalogued this information gets stolen, that could hypothetically be catalogued and claimed as well. The website doesn’t feature the pirate theme than the app, but this may be to not have it seem illegitimate when users need to use it for serious purposes – or because it’s based off of a similar backend for their more serious applications. Curiously, for an app based on physical security, digital security is not well tended to when registering an account, as it displays the user’s desired password in plain text. This is something that needs to be fixed in an update.

For users looking to take collection cataloguing into the 21st century, this seems like a useful tool. The app is available now for free from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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    Downloaded app, web interface was pretty sophisticated. How is this free?