Scoreloop Introduces “Go Android” – Helping Bring Games from iOS to Android

Scoreloop Introduces “Go Android” – Helping Bring Games from iOS to Android

Mar 21, 2011

iOS has been the platform du jour for independent developers making games for mobile platforms, especially if they want to reach a sizable audience. Apple’s well-structured hardware, from testing and development on Macs down to the core similarities between different iOS devices has helped tremendously. While the Android OS is far more structured than phones that came before, especially ones that used Java, fragmentation of the various devices is definitely something that has scared developers away.

Android is definitely in need of games, and the userbase is certainly sizable enough to a point where if developers could easily put their titles on the OS, they could improve both their own standing by having a new audience to sell to, and impove the gaming market on the platform by providing interesting new content. But how is this all going to happen? Enter Scoreloop.

Scoreloop is primarily known as a social gaming service that has provided leaderboards and achievements for games on iOS and Android, but they have now launched a program called “Go Android,” designed to help iOS developers port their titles over to Android.

Scoreloop’s program is designed to help developers with the hurdles that come with developing on a new platform, covering financial and legal issues, along with providing a mechanism for cross-platform play between OS’s. According to Scoreloop CEO Marc Gumpinger:

“We launched the ‘Go Android’ Program earlier this year to help developers who don’t have the time to deal with the development, legal, admin and market experience necessary to launch on a new platform. We’re providing real value for developers, not just funds. Navigating the Android ecosystem isn’t a simple task and we want to be there for developers through the whole process.”

The first two titles as part of this initiative will soon be released. They include Toobz from Off Center Games, and popular physics puzzler series Geared from Bryan Mitchell. According to him:

“It’s been terrific having Scoreloop take care of everything. Getting support through porting, testing and launch can make a major difference. In such a competitive market, the added extra that social features bring to a game can make a real difference to the level of success, and Scoreloop has been there to help add that to Geared.”

Developers interested in taking part in the Go Android program in the near future can apply through Scoreloop’s Go Android page.

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