SEGA Updates Dragons Coins and Kingdom Conquest II

SEGA Updates Dragons Coins and Kingdom Conquest II

Sep 2, 2014

SEGA is getting update-happy with updates to two of its apps on the Play Store.

First up is Dragon Coins; per the informational, the new update includes:

– PVP gameplay for the first-time ever!
– Summon unique and rare monsters in the new Battle Chest
– Excess experience on base monsters now carries over to evolved form
– Earn Battle Coins for both offensive/defensive victories

Not to be left out, Kingdom Conquest II is also getting good developer care:

– New monster called the Full Moon Bunny (although it doesn’t howl, its familiar with the full moon)
– New Registrants: 7050 CP worth of utility and boost items. Also plentiful tickets to be given away that can be redeemed for monster packs
– Login Bonus Event: In addition to regular login bonus, you’ll also get extra bonuses related to utility and boost items
– New Full Pack Available for Purchase: new registrants willl receive one free draw from the Full Moon Pack (Full Moon Pack will contain the limited time Full Moon Bunny)

Both games are available for free (with optional in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

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