New Shadowgun: Deadzone Details Revealed from Madfinger Games

New Shadowgun: Deadzone Details Revealed from Madfinger Games

Feb 7, 2012

Madfinger Games are hard at work on expanding the Shadowgun game experience from a singleplayer one to a multiplayer one, with the upcoming Shadowgun: Deadzone. I recently chatted with Madfinger’s Marek Rabas about the game, and got some new details about the upcoming shooter.

First off, Android owners will be glad to know that despite previous reports, the game will not be exclusive to Tegra 3 devices, although they will get to play in an exclusive open beta prior to the game’s official release. The game will be coming to Android first, though, with an iOS release later on.

The game will be to free-to-play. One of the main reasons for doing this was to ensure a bigger user base than if they just released it as an update to the main Shadowgun game. As well, this allows them to do testing on just the multiplayer portion of the game, and to manage the size of the two apps separately.

The exact details of what in-app purchases in Shadowgun: Deadzone will entail is not set in stone yet. The idea is that there will be items for defense, attack, and powerups, but Madfinger wants to keep the game from becoming one where players can just buy their way into being the most powerful player; some items will require players to be of a certain rank in order to unlock before buying. These items will also hopefully help players accentuate the play style of their choice.

As far as gameplay modes are concerned, there will be three main modes at launch: standard free for all and team deathmatch modes, along with an objective-based mode that involves controlling certain points on a map, like the Conquest mode of Battlefield, or Call of Duty’s Domination mode. Marek Rabas commented that the mode will be similar to something seen in a game he previously worked on for PC: Hidden and Dangerous 2.

The game will be flexible, supporting up to 8 players, but will also feature maps for 2 and 4 player play as well. Cross-platform multiplayer is a goal that Madfinger are trying to achieve with Deadzone, specifically the idea of servers specifically meant for iOS versus Android play. The player characters will be customizable, with 8 base character models, although it will not be extremely extensive customization-wise due to the limited hardware of mobile devices.

The game is still deep in the middle of development with many details not set in stone, but more details should be coming to light in the next few months.

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  • Lordshadowz

    Thats sad. I truelly love Shadowgun but seeing they will be going the free to play but you must buy items in app is truelly disappointing. I wont ever use an app with in app purchasing. I want to buy the game and be done not be nickel and dimed. Oh well.