Skillz: The DJ Game Coming to Android Tablets

Skillz: The DJ Game Coming to Android Tablets

Jun 3, 2011

Hong Kong-based developer Playpen Studios are releasing their rhythm game Skillz, winner of the IGF China 2010 “EXcellence in Audio” award, for PC and tablet devices. And, since this is an Android site, this means that Android tablets are included in the fun!

Skillz: The DJ Game, scheduled for release later this year, gives players virtual turntables, which they use scratch, crossfade, and play samples in order to remix music. Various modes will be offered, from a freestyle mode to a career mode. Over 20 tracks will be available with the game at launch, including these tracks:

• Amp Live – “Gary is a Robot”
• People Under the Stairs – “Trippin’ at the Disco”
• Diplo – “Newsflash”
• Samantha James – “Breathe You In (Andy Caldwell Dub)”
• James Pants – “Ka$h (Trizzy & XXXchange remix)”
• Redlight – “Stupid”
• Bassnectar – “Teleport Massive”

The game will come with OpenFeint for high scores and achievements, and Playpen Studios promises additional tracks to be made available after launch “on an ongoing basis.” Joe Gilbertson, co-founder of Playpen Studios, claims that the game will be great for the large screens and touch interfaces of tablets: “As we continued working on the title, we started playing with mobile tablets and realized the touch-screen interface was perfect for our game. As a DJ myself, I know players will love interacting directly with the screen, triggering samples, riding the crossfader and scratching up the dual turntables to create sweet new mixes. We can’t wait to launch and get this into everyone’s hands!”

Playpen Studios will be launching the game later this year for PC, iPad, and Android tablets. There’s not a lot in the way of original content for Android tablets, so this could definitely help, especially at around the holiday seasons when tablet manufacturers will be hoping for increased Android tablet sales. There They will be showing off the game at E3 next week at DNA Interactive’s booth, located at booth #2959 in South Hall. For those unable to go, check out some screens below, and click here to a view a trailer.

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