SkyGrid Makes Tracking News on Various Topics Easier

SkyGrid Makes Tracking News on Various Topics Easier

Jul 6, 2011

The beauty of the internet is the massive quantity of information available on it. From recipes to pictures to reviews of Android apps and games (if this were a shopping mall map, there’d be a sticker saying “You Are Here” right here), everything can be found on the internet. The problem is finding it in an efficient amount of time. It could take eons of digging through search results, or poring through obscure sites in order to find whatever we are looking for. So, it helps to have an aggregator, a place where content can be found in just one place. This is what SkyGrid hopes to provide users.

SkyGrid allows for users to look up content on particular topics or search terms from within their app. There are two particular ways to look up content, either by a list of specific topics the app provides, or from search terms. Topics range from “Science and Tech”, “Gaming”, “Mobile”, and more along that line, to topics like Movies, TV, and Celebrities. As well, specific topics can be searched for individually, and added to a list of “Favorites” so they can be easily tracked upon returning to the app at a later time.

SkyGrid loads mobile-friendly versions of pages for maximum readability when available, and features the ability to share articles via Facebook and Twitter. The app isn’t perfect for tracking all topics; some more obscure ones may not offer any results while searching for them. Finding info on one of my favorite bands who have a new album coming out, Fair to Mildand, was not possible with SkyGrid, as it only turned up articles on fairs in Midland. Not the same thing! Still, SkyGrid offers a lot of potential usage for tracking the latest news on a variety of topics, and is available now from the Android Market for free.

Carter Dotson
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