Sony Digital Network Applications Launches New Photo Gallery App

Sony Digital Network Applications Launches New Photo Gallery App

Oct 26, 2011

Sony Digital Network Applications has unveiled their latest app to interact with media on Android. While their previous works were designed around editing photos and videos, their newest app is designed around finding ways to organize the media users have created.

Picture Manager is designed as a complement and replacement to the Gallery app on users’ phones. A 2-pane view is used: on the left, users can choose the types of media they want to view, and on the right, thumbnails of the media appear. The app makes it easy to select multiple items at a time and apply labels and ratings to media for easier filtering. When trying to clean out photos and videos that are to be deleted, the multiple selection options make this a breeze, and there are also inverse checkmarking options, like if a certain number of items in a folder need to be labeled one way, and the rest a different way.

Media can be filtered and viewed by several criteria. The standard folder-by-folder view from the standard Gallery app is here, though this makes it easier to view subfolders that may contain images and videos. media can be viewed by labels that can be applied to it, so filtering vacation photos is possible, for example. They can also be filtered by rating, when one only wants to view the best shots they’ve taken! However, possibly the most useful filter is by date, so seeing photos taken at a particular time is easier than ever. It also serves as a great trip down memory lane at those photos I forgot I had taken!

Sony Digital Network Applications is launching more media management apps in the near future, including Video Connector, Photo Editor, and Photo Movie Creator HD. These will be coming in the next couple of months, so users looking to interact with their media in different ways have more options to look forward to soon.

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