Sony Ericsson Announces New Games Coming Exclusive and Optimized for the Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson Announces New Games Coming Exclusive and Optimized for the Xperia Play

Jun 7, 2011

With the Xperia Play out on US shores, Sony Ericsson is starting to pick up some more exclusives for their gaming-focused Android phone. They’ve announced 20 new games that will either be exclusive for the Xperia Play, or will be optimized for the phone. There are a few interesting ones that have been announced:

  • Minecraft: This was already known, but it seems as if Mojang is expanding Minecraft through exclusive deals rather than an all-out assault on other devices; this is factored in with the announcement by Microsoft that the 360 would be the exclusive console home of Minecraft. Is an iOS or general Android version of Minecraft in jeopardy, at least in the short-term?
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2: This online first person shooter was previously exclusive to iOS, making a splash at launch when it was released for $0.99. This is a bit more bold than the typical EA Android release, where the games have been largely multiplatform franchises. Apparently EA thinks this one is big enough to bring to Android as well. No word on if the online multiplayer will make it as well. This one will be at least a time-limited exclusive for the Xperia Play.
  • Star Legends: The Black Star Chronicles: The announcement that this is coming out is not necessarily news, since the mobile release of this MMORPG from Spacetime Studios was announced back in February. What is news is that the name of the game has apparently changed, and that it will be getting Xperia Play support, along with Spacetime’s other mobile MMORPG, Pocket Legends. The games will not be exclusive to the Xperia Play, just optimized for the phone.
  • Order & Chaos: Also on the MMORPG front, Gameloft are bringing their World of Warcraft clone to Android, with optimization for the Xperia Play. No word on if crossplatform play will come along with it. Also coming from Gameloft with Xperia Play optimization are fellow RPGs Eternal Legacy and Dungeon Hunter 2.
  • A full list of the titles coming to the Xperia Play, in both exclusive and optimized form, is available at the link below.

    Source: The Droid Guy

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