Sony PlayStation Experience Coming to Android via Playstation Suite

Sony PlayStation Experience Coming to Android via Playstation Suite

Feb 1, 2011

Boy, oh, boy — the news just keeps getting better and better when it comes to Android and mobile gaming. Last week Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) unveiled its PSP2, and while impressive, it’s the additional news that came with it that has Android users excited. For the first time in PlayStation history, users will be able to enjoy PlayStation content on an open operating system through the “PlayStation Suite” initiative.

SCE plans on releasing its PlayStation Suite to Android sometime this calendar year and they will be loading it with original PS One games to get us started. To ensure the necessary support, development and delivery of the PlayStation quality experience across various devices, SCE also plans on having a “PlayStation Certified” license program for hardware manufacturers.

SCE also feels the need to provide Android users with yet another “store” in which to purchase games and thus has announced its “PlayStation Store,” where users will be able to download content in an easy to use environment. To keep up with what will certainly be a new demand for PlayStation Suite content, SEC also promises to provide a new game development environment.

PlayStation Suite will be available for all Android devices running 2.3+ (which leads me to believe we won’t see it for a while) and promises to give users a “taste” of the PlayStation experience. They of course go on to say that the ultimate portable entertainment experience can only be had via their newly unveiled NGP (PSP2) device. I guess what they are trying to say is that Android is good but Sony is “GREEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAT!” (yes, I’m saying that in my Tony the Tiger voice)

While I thoroughly enjoy playing classic games via an emulator, I am very interested to see just how close of a PlayStation experience we’re going to get with this new PlayStation Suite. We’ll keep you updated.

Source: Phandroid

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